How Does The Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover Compare with Other Folding Tonneau Covers

I have elected to come up with the following evaluation regarding the Bakflip G2 Truck Bed cover to let folks who have actually been wondering, what exactly sets this specific hard folding truck bed cover apart from other folding tonneau covers. There have been a growing variety of folding truck bed covers in both soft and hard folding models.

Bakflip g2 tonneau cover review


Let's have a quick look at the advantages the Bakflip g2 has over soft folding truck bed covers. Firstly the soft covers are a fair bit cheaper than the Bakflip G2 pickup bed cover with excellent reason. Although the soft folding covers supply some protection for your freight from thieves in the fact that they keep what you have actually under them hidden, and as the old saying goes, out of sight - out of mind. The only problem is that anybody can cut into the cover very quickly. The Bakflip G2 truck bed cover not only keeps the gear out of siight however its hard design provides a practical fortress compared to the soft covers.


You must open the tailgate to unlatch the cover to open it. If your truck has a locking tailgate, you actually have an extremely hard cover to break into. If you do not presently have a locking tailgate, you can easily buy an aftermarket tailgate lock to jack up your security element. They are rather inexpensive and extremely manageable to put in.

When compared to other hard folding truck bed covers, the Bakflip G2 pickup bed cover folds entirely open to the cab in an upright position and is secured there so you are able to operate with the cover in the fully open position. Quite a few of the other folding covers hard and soft, do not provide you with this choice. Most all them fold onto the last portion and they do not lock into that position to be able to operate with them open. The Bakflip section each secure down and all you need to do is secure one end and you can drive with the cover partially opened or totally opened. Other covers do not lock at each area, simply when they are completely closed.

These are a few of the reasons I like this cover more than any of the other folding covers on the marketplace today. I hope you found this Bakflip G2 tonneau cover testimonial practical and if you wish to discover more on this cover check out this website at TruckBedTonneau Bakflip G2.